Hello everyone!!! I just want to ask if is it possible to create a chat program that send and receive message, audio and video for Local Area Network...

I want to create a program similar to yahoo messenger that includes the future of voice and video but the difference is I am doing this program for Local Area Network,,,

Is this possible? If yes, please help me how to do it or give me some sites where i can learn ..
Thank you very much....

Practically anything is possible in C++. They can be extremely difficult, but they tend to be possible.

How much experience do you have with C++? The project you're talking about seems very ambitious. I definitely don't think I would be able to do it, and I'm doubtful that programs like Yahoo messenger were written by one person.

yahoo messenger exists therefore, it's possible.

I suppose the real question, is it possible for YOU to do it. That's a much harder question.

But consider that whoever wrote messenger were
a) a team of many people
b) already experienced GUI and network software developers
c) had many months to do this in
d) had lots of resources to test / debug the code, and make the UI pretty and usable.

In short, it's not likely to be a few hundred lines you can lash together in a wet weekend.

> I am doing this program for Local Area Network
That doesn't make a bean of difference, except perhaps with ping times and latency. Both machines will have an IP address, so whether it's next door or 5 timezones away shouldn't matter to the structure of your s/w.

Have you considered looking at say sourceforge.net for similar projects you could base your work on.