Hey all. I was hoping somebody on here, preferably vegaseat or any other long time and reputable poster and/or moderater would have any Ideas for a program that I should write.
Basically, I fear I am trying to push myself to hard and to fast with python. I really want to write a program that is either useful or entertaining, one that I can learn the basics and merge into intermediate coding from. Also, I really want it to be a program I can show my fiance and her family (and hopefully mine), just to let them see that I am good at something. I may just be learning python but I already know other languages. Anyways, enough whining...Any ideas?

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Well, a quiz program asking a question and giving multiple choice answers is always entertaining and can be fun, depending on the questions and answers. I think vegaseat suggested something like that in the "Projects for the Beginner" thread. Read through the zip file he attached and you will chuckle!
Located at: http://www.daniweb.com/techtalkforums/post161212-13.html

The text based "monster" RPG you started already is another good project. It will tax your logic skills.

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