First of all, introductions. I'm a 17 year old trying to learn programming in C++, mainly to help further my chances of getting into the game design/creation field.

Right now I only have an intermediate understanding of one beginners C++ book, "Beginning C++ Game Programming", by Michael Dawson, but I also want to learn how to do simple, non-game related coding with C++. So, my question is (couldn't find anything similar with search), how would I go about making a program that runs another program, presses a button, then ends? Specifically, I'm wanting to open Ventrilo and press the connect button.

Maybe the question is simple but the answer is pretty complex. First you need to learn how to write Windws programs and understand the windows messaging system. Here is a tutorial to get you started with that. It only touches on the highlights, and there are months (or years) of studies to understand all of it.

Thanks. Are there any C++ tutorials of a similar nature?

There are hundreds of tutorials. A few here on DaniWeb, others you can find with google. Avoid any tutorial that uses iostream.h -- the one without the *.h extension is the current one.