How to use multiple forms and UserControls in c# windows application?

Where i have one toolStrip in UserControl1 (say UserControl1.cs) and onClick of ToolStripButton1
i need to open on Form1 (say Form1.cs) and Form1.cs contain only One RichTextbox control.
now i need to fetch Form1.cs richtextbox control value (text) onClick of another button of toolstripbutton2 (in Usercontrol1.cs).

Please suggest me to do this


This is how to add a new control.

public class Form1
  private UserControl1 userControl;
   public Form1()

            userControl = new UserControl1();

Mi idea is.

1.On the UserControl1.cs create a 2 propertys one for 'toolStrimpButton1' and another for 'toolStripButton2'.

2.On the Form2.cs create a property for the RitchTextBox.

On Form1.cs create a new instance of UserControl1 and add it to the form(as showed above).

Subscribe to the click event of each UserContro1's buttons(e.i ToolStripButton1.Click += new EventHnadler(ShowForm2)) and implement the handler

If you want information about 'event' see these links(both links belong to one article but these are the topics you nedd for solving your problem).


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