Hey Daniweb,

So my employer has asked me to begin looking into Database work.
The government has given my university a grant to try and stimulate employers training employees (because they are not doing this, as employees tend to leave jobs after being trained).

So my task is to develop a web-form for companies to fill out a 'survey' like web form, that will be submitted to a database.

The database will determine and class these companies, give them a point score at the end, and then make suggestions as to what they should do to optimize employee training and productivity.

Now.. I have previously worked with Access, and am familiar with it, however:
I have never done any web-based database work with it. Locally running access forms off PC will not work as it needs to be accessible by other people.

I have all of the necessary programs on my laptop, just need to know where to start.

My professor mentioned it would be best for my to develop the form first, then build the database, upload and connect the form to the database, implement the point scoring algorithm and then build the report so it is is viewable after the survey.

Any examples, advice, or tips would be much appreciated.

I look forward to hearing from you guys!

I am on the Daniweb MIRC server if anyone would like to discuss it there :)