I've been wondering what would be the best way to manipulate with my application - server
(send commands, etc.).
I've come accross SSH but this would take too much work to implement it and
I dont want to use openSSH - 3rd part source code which is compilable only
with cygwin. I want to keep clean code.

Telnet would be one option but this is not secure, again HTTP (web)
interface would be one option, but I'd prefer console-like shell and also it
should be portable and doesnt have to be user-friendly (like web interface).

Do you guys have any ideas for c++ alternatives? What do you prefer?


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You can look at the DataReel libraries. It is a set of lots of c++ classes/programs/examples that have been ported to both *nix and MS-Windows, and supports all the popular compilers on both operating systems.

It has support for client/server architecture, but I don't know if that's what you are looking for.

Hey, you can try using winsock i think that will help you to make a clean code.

I think you missed my question. I know how to keep my code clean, I'm just wondering which way should I go for to implement server remote control.

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