Hello everyone,

I am looking for some approaches which can prevent my .class file being decompiled. My questions are,

- I have heard that there is an approach called "obfuscated", I am wondering whether it is the best approach which meets my goal. If it is, where is the best obfuscated tool that I can get for free?

- Are there any Java build-in approaches to prevent .class file being decompiled?

Thanks in advance,

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I want the my .class file not get converted into java source code using decompilers.

can you please let me know the how to obfuscate from class to Java source file.

Are there any Java build-in approaches to prevent .class file being decompiled?

any solution would be appreciated.

thanks in advance.
Rajesh Gottapu
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The only way to prevent decompilation is to not distribute your app. Provide it as a web-app and hope no one breaks into the server. Obfuscation makes it harder, and obfuscating and then, also, native compiling can make it even harder than that, but it would still be possible, and those people who will actually abuse that for their own profit and your loss will do it anyway. All of this only scares off the "casual" pirate, not the ones who could actually do some real damage.

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