Just got a new laptop with XP on it and having problems running Visual Basic 6 projects. Everytime I open a project and try to view the form, Visual Basic 6 closes and exits out. I can run the application and view the forms, but for some reason can not edit the objects. Any ideas?

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Reinstall VB6... and report back ;-)

I reinstalled VB6 and still have the same problem. I downloaded and installed Service Pack 5 for VB and the latest service pack for XP. Nothing seems to help. I also noticed any new application lets me make a new form, but then it will not run it crashes VB with no error message.

I downloaded the Visual Studio Service Pack 5 for Visual Basic all 57 Mbytes this time and installed it. Fixed the problem. Thanks.

Still, rather strange Problem. I run VS6.0 No Service pack in XP no problem.

Glad to hear the SP worked, not sure why?


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