Hi to all, I need your help/advice.
I'll explain my problem:
I have to write an aspx page, where the user can upload an entire directory/folder to my server.
I did some research and seem that there is no build it component to upload an entire directory/folder, there is the file upload component but no for entire directory/folder. The problem is that the page doesn't have the permissions to read the data of the users. I look in the web and the solution that seems to be acceptable is writing my own ActiveX.
After thinking about it, I came with the following questions:
1. It is possible for the ActiveX, to open a choose folder dialog? Is this implemented in C++?
2. Lets say is implemented, after I read the content of the folder(files), How I send the content(files) to the server?
3. Of course after sending the content of the folder(files), there should be a application/services/script in the server side to receive the content(files), What do you recommend to write?
Thanks for your help/advice, any help/ideas/links will be appreciated.

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>>It is possible for the ActiveX, to open a choose folder dialog?
I don't see why not, as long as the computer is running MS-Windows

>>How I send the content(files) to the server?
It would seem to be that the transfer process would be greatly improved if you would zip up the folder and all its files then just transfer the zip file. If you don't zip them up then you will have to send each file individually.


Thanks for your quick response.
So I have to zip the folder, send it and then unzip in the server side.
Still remain the questions:
How to send it? and How to receive it(server side)?

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