Hi, Im making a mod for a game in vc#.net 2003. The game is warcraft 3. I want to create an external software to process commonly used "hotkeys" used within the game. there are various charecters within the game, and I need to map their hotkeys onto easily accessible keys on the keyboard.

The main concept I want to know about is if I can capture global hotkeys, process them, and send a different hotkey to the OS? Like, If the user maps the charecters' four powers to QWER, will I be able to take input Q from the user, process it, and then send the signal T to the game, because T is the would be actual power of the charecter that the game recognises. Im just making things easier for the user.

Is there an external library for this? How can I make a custom solution.Can anyone help me out with a cue, or point me towards a solution, any help would be greatly appreciated.


I think that you need to know how to interact with the API of the game. If you can, the you should be able to proccess the hotkeys in the C# program and send the imput directly to the game aplication.

Hope this help,

The game has no exposed API! That is the main problem!

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