Dear Friend,

I have one Window From it will open on clicking on ToolStrip button, UserControl1.cs contain ToolStrip (ToolStrip used as IE ToolBar).
Form contain One TextBox and One close Button, I need to open a Form on every new IE window open and keep that Form on IE Only and countinous Focus set in Textbox only.

currently Form is open on IE, but on opening of other application or other IE tab it hide behind, so not shown to user.

Plz. give ur suggestion for the same.



try this this.TopMost = true; Hope this help.

Dear Camilo

Thanks for Reply ti's work for me here.
Bbut My situation is that i have to open this form for every IE or every IE tabs and the contorl must be top on for opend IE. not for other IE.


keep your opened forms in a collection ...whenever you open a new form...set topmost=false for every other form in collection

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