I have a recurring problem: On some days, it appears that Delphi has problems with identifying some of the files in my "Uses" section. Certain files will be underscored in red zig-zag and identified in the structure window as "cannot resolve unit name ...". If I right click the unit and ask that the file at the cursor be opened, the file is found and opened. The paths in my library and browser are the same for these affected untis. Not only that, but some of the units that are OK are in the same directory as those that are not. I have closed and re-opened Delphi and found that the exact same files are highlighted. The units in wquestion are for Jedi VCL componenets, although at other times I have had problems with delphi units.

Any suggestions or recommendations regarding resources that can explain what might be causing this type of problem would be very welcome.


I found the problem

FYI to anyone with simlar IDE troubles. In my case I had inadvertently named one of my units using a Delphi Unit name required by some of the standard units I use (includes Jedi componenets). When renamed my unit the problem went away

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