Im trying to set up an application that will connect to a MYSQL database across the a distance using internet connection. i did it with VB 6 but it seems like the connection is not that stable and sometime it wont connect. Is it because of VB 6? would be better if i use Should i make always make the connection active or just disconnect it when there is no process? I know for sure that internet connection speed can greatly affect this process, can a VPN connection help? i hope someone could advise me on this..

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Well, one advantage you would have with .net would be the disconnected dataset architecture. You would open a connection get your dataset and then immediately close the connection and return your dataset. That way you don't have to worry about the internet connection being reliable.

ok... datasets can be set and close the connection? how about when i update the records?

In a disconnected artitechture provided by the ADO.Net will allow you connect to the database for all the DML,DDL and DQL statements. Once the results are acheved you can close the connection. The updated data will be stored in a local DataSet (DataSet follows the same artitechture as that of a database, so it'll contain all the tables there if you specify it in the query), you can modify the data there and then connect to the database and update the data and then close the connecton.

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