Hi I have 12 comboboxes for data entry. Everytime I type in some input in the form, it gets stored in the Access Database.

Every time my form loads, it picks up all distinct values from the database and fills the combo box. But there are several repeated values because the data that i entered through the form gets entered without proper alignment in the DB and hence the combo box is loaded with values..

I am not sure how I am supposed to get rid of this problem !

Clear combobox and load data on combobox after saving.

how do i do that ?

i know i can say combobox1.clear.. and wat else ? can u please clarify me on that ?

Clear combobox and load data on combobox after saving.

the problem is.. all the data that i enter in the form gets into my database in each column with one space before it and thats the reason that when the form loads the next time it thinks that
DELL(with one space before it) are distinct data.. how do i get rid of this alignment problem ??


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