I learn faster when i have a motive to learn. Well if i have a project that uses all of the tutorial i use, i will be motivated to read sections and use it and make a full on project. I use http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/. If anyone can conjure up a HUGE project for me to do based on this tutorial, it would be highly appreciated. I'm asking this cuz my High School doesn't have a certified C or C++ or even C# for that matter class.

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Noone posted on it, and its going down the list, just posting to bring it back up.


>just posting to bring it back up.
Please don't do this, it's very rude.

>If anyone can conjure up a HUGE project for me to do based on this tutorial
Write a command line text editor such as ed.


A text-based game. Chess, say. Go. Checkers. A 'dungeons and dragons' game. An Eliza-like game (ok, now I'm showing my age).

An inventory management system for your CD/DVD/audio files.

A 'secret encoder' you and your friends can share to encrypt messages between yourselves. To make it fun, rather than using regular encryption-into-gibberish, bury the secret messages in regular text or images. Like, maybe it generates what looks like a blog, but really contains your secret message. (This is called Steganography, look for it in Google)

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