I learn faster when i have a motive to learn. Well if i have a project that uses all of the tutorial i use, i will be motivated to read sections and use it and make a full on project. I use http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/. If anyone can conjure up a HUGE project for me to do based on this tutorial, it would be highly appreciated. I'm asking this cuz my High School doesn't have a certified C or C++ or even C# for that matter class.

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Noone posted on it, and its going down the list, just posting to bring it back up.

>just posting to bring it back up.
Please don't do this, it's very rude.

>If anyone can conjure up a HUGE project for me to do based on this tutorial
Write a command line text editor such as ed.

A text-based game. Chess, say. Go. Checkers. A 'dungeons and dragons' game. An Eliza-like game (ok, now I'm showing my age).

An inventory management system for your CD/DVD/audio files.

A 'secret encoder' you and your friends can share to encrypt messages between yourselves. To make it fun, rather than using regular encryption-into-gibberish, bury the secret messages in regular text or images. Like, maybe it generates what looks like a blog, but really contains your secret message. (This is called Steganography, look for it in Google)

Ok, ill try to do as many of theese as possible. im ean all of em ;P

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