How many of you guys belive it is possible to program a server and create within it a simple environment in which people can write their own pieces of code and complie it without problems.

This server should be capable of using multiple 'plugins'(the pieces to code which others write and is complied with the main server).These plugins should be able to connect to other servers or be able to provide any other service(not remote).

The main server should be able to loop through all this(remember the so called plugins are compiled into the server) i.e the muliple 'plugins' running at the same time while accepting connections and commands from multiple clients

Would this be possible,immpossible,crazy,never gona work,only a genius can make one,no one will ever??????????

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yea, that's what apache does. what exactly are u trying to do here?

No way,
I not talking of loading dll like funtionality.These plugins I am talking of are semi - autonomous i.e they are in no way related to the main server.

Imagine a market place made up of different sellers.The server is the market place and the plugins are the sellers.These sellers are seperate but a part of the market.

These plugins are not seperate programs run like apache (like php,i know apahce i use it to test my site before i put up on my computer).These are compiled along with the main server.

The clients will only connect to the main server.The main server will the allow the client to choose a plugin to use (the should also be able to switch afterwards).

These plugins should then be able to provide some service like mail,bbs etc. or be a proxy server or a protocol translator which connects to other server and get data and then passes it to the client.

The main server should then be able to handle multiple clients.The main server should also have multiple plugins(that i talk of).Then these multiple seperate clients should all be able to interact with the same plugins or diffrent plugins at the same time and the plugins should be able to provide both types of services I mentioned before.The main server should be able to handle it all togather without any major delay.

Yea in windows without multiple threads and only one connection reciving port.

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