i am trying to find a good scripting language for Mac OS X. I was told python would be a good choice. Before i dedicate my time to learning it I have to find out a couple of things.

Can you run python form the GUI? i.e double click it . I don't want users to have to go to the terminal.

Here is an example of what i would like to do. We use a package builder to customize installs. The only part that it can't do is user related preferences and library files. Which means we(IT department) have to copy the files. It is easy to do and it only takes about 3mins. But it would be nice if i could just double click a script and have it take 5sec. Is this something I can do with python?

I am more concerned with running it from a GUI. If I can't do that I might as well stick to shell scripts because I can call them from apple script which I can run form the GUI. Plus I already know shell scripting.

Yes there are not only GUI toolkits for PYthon where you could make a very nice looking UI for the user, but python scripts can also simply be double-clicked to have them execute.