hi Please help,i have installed Visual studio .net 2003. i code in C#, when i write my code, for example
"Console." imidiately before i complete the statement it closes the application requesting to restart the application, and i wrote my code on a notepad making sure that the code is correct and built the project, after that it brings results and attept to shutdown.

Error System Failed to Initialize

second error
Application Failed to initialize.
i was writting a code that connects to SQL7 and it did and show the table contents.

Please help

i dont have a spyware, i just installed XP from a formated partition.

Best thing to do is uninstall and the reinstall VS. Could be that its corrupt.

RwCC Thanks for your Reply, this happen the first time, thought it was because there is a spyware, so i formated the partition and install XP from Fresh and install Visual studio and it did the same thing

OSK.exe is the 'on-screen keyboard' installed with windows intended for users with certain disorders or people without a keyboard.
sometimes misconfigurations of this tool can cause problems.

check out the following site for any possible fixes:


hope this helped

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