hi ppl,
i' ve done a program that calculates the result of raising a random base to a random exponent.
the problem is that this stays in a loop that never comes out, n i have to abort it.
and, its ok to put exp*=exp?? cuz, i dont know how to put it, it has to increase in one??

for (exp = 1; exp <= exponente; exp*=exp)
resultado = base pow exp;

cout << " El resultado es: " << resultado;

return 0;


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exp *= exp when exp is 1 means exp *= 1; , exp = exp*1; , exp = exp; . That increment does nothing. To increase exp by 1 every iteration, do exp += 1; , if that's what you meant. Also, what is exponente? What is it set to?

exponente is the number which multiplies the base,

sorry i didnt say that!!

for ( exp = 0, resultado = 1 ; exp < exponente ; exp++ )
    resultado *= base ;
cout << " The result is: " << resultado;

Is this what you are looking for?

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