hi i'm creating a program with the same effect as the green screen used in the movies and i'm having problem in getting the right value of green colors, but when i uses black or white as a color to be mask it works but not with the green, can anyone give me an advise for this.


here is my codes

For k = 0 To pic1.ScaleHeight
          clr = GetPixel(pic1.hdc, i, k)
                If clr = vbGreen Then
                SetPixel pic3.hdc, i, k, vbWhite
               SetPixel pic3.hdc, i, k, vbBlack


Was that Complete code..? or you forgot one more Outside loop for ScaleWidth...?


GetPixel() returns the combination of Red, Green and Blue. So the Color you are checking

clr = GetPixel(pic1.hdc, i, k)
If clr = vbGreen Then

This will check only Red is 0, Blue is 0 and Green is 255.
But you may need to separate the Color values.
Also u can use Point(X as Single, y as Single) to get the (x,y) Pixel Value instead of GetPixel().

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