You are required to design a control system for a car park. You should produce your own design, ensuring that you have enough features to allow you to demonstrate that you can programme multiple tasks with inputs, outputs, decisions, communication and sequencing.
The system features may feature space control, entry control payment (season/before/on entry/before exit/on exit), exit control (both “paid” and “unpaid/invalid”), system failure and emergencies
Your task is to take the partial specification given in the problem description above and design and implement the required system in “c” code.
From the (very basic) list of all the requirements of a CAR PARK computer control system, develop a plan for your concept of a car park system should do and from that provide
1) Specification of the requirements of the functions required by each part of the system, showing how they interface and cooperate with each other, stating any assumptions you have to make to complete the specification. You should include an analysis of hazards and how you would deal with any risks
2) definition of a suitable test plan, test data and schedule
3) Design of a process flow for each of the tasks and the overall system (using UML standard), clearly showing any synchronisation required.
4) Provide working code (listing and files).note that a fully tested programme is Not mandatory, but the code is required and should be viable and correct in logic and syntax, and should match the design from element 1.

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