Hey, I am currently reading "Accelerated C++" (Page 100, not far) and I'm starting to get a bit confused...

In console application mode for VC++ (MSVC), the code in the book works fine and everything is fine and dandy. The code looks the same as the book and it's not confusing at all...

But recently, I just tried (for fun) looking at a forms application to play around with it. I placed a button, pressed it and went to the --on click-- event... I couldn't do anything... I tried looking around at the code it made, I didn't even understand one line X_X. I'm all cool with finishing the book etc and starting up with console apps, but will what I'm learning really prepare/help me for what VC++ has as far as form apps go? I didn't even know where to put the #include directives or how to show a messagebox and there was no std commands in sight X_X.

An even better question... Will I need to read a whole new book to actually learn how to use VC++? I would use tutorials, but they are all for a diff version and 99% of them are for version 6 which is way different from VC2008.

-- Just a question because it all seems so odd to me X_X.

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What you are learning from that book is the c++ language itself. What you see in the VC++ Forms code is just an implementation of c++. You need to know the c++ concepts before you will understand managed code programming. And yes, there are books written to teach managed c++, and here are a few google links that might help you if you have not already seen them. If you want to get into Windows Forms then it would be worth the money to buy a good book that covers that subject.


Ahh, ok... Thanks for explaining it better :P. But i gotta say, C++ just got -2 cool points.


I started using console apps, the good old 1-file 'int main()' codes...
Console apps help you get the basic concepts and format of the code, so that way you're ready for Forms apps, and Visual C++.

But when you're done that book, If you're looking for one that gets you started with Forms apps and Visual C++, I'd reccommend 'Ivor Horton's Beginning Visual C++.' It really helped me out :)

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