I'm currently helping a few ladies out setting up a dedicated server. I do not have physical access to this server. Since other people have had their hands in the server, I would like to attempt to construct a program to test several of ports to see if they are open, then write the outcome to a file. I would also like to do this from an outside source ( incase of firewalls on their end ). I know there are several of pre-made programs for this purpose, but upon being presented with this idea, it's perked my engineering side to try to make it myself. I'm just sort of looking for a starting point. I have no clue how to contruct a packet inside of a program. I do know the ins and outs of a packet. (I'm in the networking field) Any and all help is appriciated.


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Well, you're going to need some functions and classes that obviously allow you to do network type things. C++ by default comes with none of these, (although I bet you could find some libraries or something out there). I suggest checking out Java. It's got tons of really hand stuff for doing things over a network, and in many respects is like a simpler version of C++.


If you would rather use C++ though, QT is a nice set of classes that works right on top of C++. It's mainly geared toward GUI development, but I think it has some network fucntionality too. You might want to check that out.


Thanks. What exactly is QT and where can I download/look at it?

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