Hi guys! Can someone help me with my problem?
I'm really not that good when it comes to coding.
My problem is that how can display the number of new records received. Well heres my code

The code below is the function to get the record count on Inbox

function getRecordCount(db,table) {
var xmlHttp = XmlHttp.create();
var bAsync = false;
xmlHttp.open('POST', "GetRecords?DBName="+db+"&TableName="+table, bAsync);
xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('charset', 'UTF-8');
xmlHttp.setRequestHeader('RequestType', 'XmlHttpStream');
var response = xmlHttp.responseText;
var data = XmlDocument.create()
data.async = false
var count = data.selectSingleNode('//NumberOfRecords').text;
return count

This is the code I used to display the count

<if record.NAME == "mnuEVC_InboxTrans">
inbox = getRecordCount("EVCMOT","INBOX_TRANSFERS");

Here is the sample of the page