Hi guys!!!
i really need your help, i have an assignment due very soon. Its a java application and java applet, it should display the cpu ver, cpu speed, ram size and hard disk size of the lacal machine. PLZ help guyz

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I doubt its impossible, the information is on the OS, I think its possible, if it wasnt, why have an assignment on it.


This is how far I was able to go with search in 10 min

public class TestCPU 
	public static void main(String[] args) 

One of otputed values is sun.cpu.isalist= which before java 1.6 provided procesor type as pentium mmx etc. However it is recently reported as bug and does not work (report)


yes, that will output some things, but not what he is asking for...

if it wasnt, why have an assignment on it.

because teachers aren't the smartest bunch on the block. Quite possibly the "assignment" was updated from one that uses a platform specific language with a custom library the kids have to call to get the information, with the only thing changed the deletion of the custom library and the insertion of the word "Java applet".

Or it's not an "assignment" at all, but OP just said it is to make it sound more "uregtn".


just to say thanks for your help. duckman its really was an assignment for Distributed Systems Prac, third year module.

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