I am trying to create a program that will count and display the number of vowels, consonants, spaces and full-stops within a 50 character limit. There is one error that the compiler keeps bringing up and when i try to fix it by changing the text it creates more errors - I am in a bit of a pickle.
The error reads; Text Analyzer Assignment.ccp(14.5):Statement missing ;

#include <stdio.h>
void main(void)
char text[50], *ptr;
int spaces=0, vowels=0, consonants=0, other=0;

printf("Enter text: ");

for (ptr=text; *ptr; ptr++)

if (*ptr == ' ') spaces++

//the error is in the line below//
[B]else if (*ptr == 'a' || *ptr == 'e' || *ptr == 'i' || *ptr == 'o' || *ptr == 'u' || *ptr == 'A' || *ptr == 'E' || *ptr == 'I' || *ptr == 'O' || *ptr == 'U') vowels++;[/B]

else if ((*ptr > 'a' && *ptr <= 'z') || (*ptr > 'A' && *ptr <= 'Z')) consonants++;
else other++;

printf("There were:\r\n");
printf(" %d vowel%s\r\n", vowels, vowels == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d consonant%s\r\n", consonants, consonants == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d space%s\r\n", spaces, spaces == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d other character%s\r\n", other, other == 1 ? "" : "s");

Any good advice would be very helpful: I know that this is basic stuff but it will help me out greatly.

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hey, you are missing a semi-colon in

if (*ptr == ' ') spaces++;

Hope it will work now.

And while posting the code in the form please use the code tags so that it becomes more readable.

will do thanks

Ahamed101 you are a life saver - It's amazing how you can get distracted when the complier tells you to looks somewhere else - it is possible to miss the obvious - Thank you very much!!! :-)

use int main() because void main() is bad

just remember to return 0; at the end of your code.

That's ace - thanks I have just sorted that after much searching on the web and in books. Could you tell me how could I total up the number of characters used? The program works fine now with everyones help just need this one last peice of help...as always I will search myself as well.

Thanks in advance for all your help

just add up the ints I suppose printf(" %d Total character%s\r\n", (vowels + consonants + spaces + other), (vowels + consonants + spaces + other) == 1 ? "" : "s"); the brackets are in there for clarity only, the compiler should use operator order precedence to figure out what is meant but sometimes the wetware can be fooled :)

#include <stdio.h>
#include <time.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
int main()

/*First I declare my integers*/

char text[50], *ptr;
int spaces=0, vowels=0, consonants=0, other=0, fullstops=0;

/*Then I tell the program to display a welcome message*/
printf("... Welcome to Paul Hill's Text Analyser ... \n\n... Please enter your desired text to be analysed \n\n... Here: ");

for (ptr=text; *ptr; ptr++)

/*I then specify what characters belong to the integers...basically what the program should look for to get it's result*/
if (*ptr == ' ') spaces++;
else if (*ptr == 'a' || *ptr == 'e' || *ptr == 'i' || *ptr == 'o' || *ptr == 'u' || *ptr == 'A' || *ptr == 'E' || *ptr == 'I' || *ptr == 'O' || *ptr == 'U') vowels++;
else if ((*ptr > 'a' && *ptr <= 'z') || (*ptr > 'A' && *ptr <= 'Z')) consonants++;
else if (*ptr == '.') fullstops++;
else other++;

/*I then specify what text appears when the program offers it's results*/
printf("\n... Thank you. Please find your results below:\r\n");
printf("\n\n %d Vowel%s\r\n", vowels, vowels == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d Consonant%s\r\n", consonants, consonants == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d Space%s\r\n", spaces, spaces == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d Other character%s\r\n", other, other == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d Full-stop%s\r\n", fullstops, fullstops == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf(" %d Total character%s\r\n", (vowels + consonants + spaces + other + fullstops), (vowels + consonants + spaces + other + fullstops) == 1 ? "" : "s");
printf("\n\n\... Would you care to try again? ... \n\n... Please enter either Y/y to continue or N/n to quit\r\n\n... Here:");

return 0;

I have been struggling for over a day now with trying to make this program loop successfully in regards to the question; Would you care to try again? ... Please enter either Y/y to continue or N/n to quit.

I am simply not sure what I need to do to get the right response from the program - any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am not sure if i need to declare the Y/y N/n before hand or what exactly the right thing to put is - I have tried messing around with do while loops and while loops but in this situation I am not sure what is the correct way to proceed - I get little tuition at college. :-) Help?

wrap your logic in a while loop and add a flag.

int doagainFlag = 1;
char doagain;

while (doagainFlag)
  printf ("do you wish to try again?");
  doagain = getchar(); 
  if ((doagain == 'n') || (doagain == 'N'))
    doagainFlag = 0;

this should do the trick, it's off the cuff so there's probably typos and it won't compile by itself or even have the correct functions :) but it should give you an idea of how to tackle it.

Thank you very much - it was a great help. It does loop now but it wont allow me to input new sentences after i say Y/y it just loops and makes some figures up. Thank you very much though - Thank you for taking the time to help. :-)

you'll have to put all the logic including the input portion inside the while loop and don't forget to reset the integers (unless you want to keep running totals of course).

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