i am a beginner, and i have 4 questions but i will only ask 2,

1. i have an assignement that says, write a program that will display one of three user-selected shapes, ('T'=triangle, 'D'=diamond, or 'R'=rectangle and 'X' to terminate). using a switch statement.
please help me with the following. prompt user to choose a shape, using a switch statement, then, choose the appropriate code/function required to prompt user for details and create shape.

if user selects 'R' (rectangle) the program will propmt the user to enter the width and height of the rectangle, and display the character.

the character can be (* or $).

2. when using an array, how do u average three testscores.

please help me.


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sure we can be friends.

may i come to know about ur email id on msn/hotmail or yahoo
about ur name,education and location as well.infect i m doing mit as i told u,and i have lots of difficulty in computer systems archetecture,discrete mathematics and also in c++ language :cry: .
this is all about me.
now it is ur turn to tell me.
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i will b online on saturday at 11:00 am

This board is for C/C++ discussions, not for getting dates...

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