Hi All

Anyway to add a note inside the email saying here is your file after attching a file in unix??

For example my script is fine attaching the excel file but i would like a message inside the mail too and not in the subject title.

/usr/bin/uuencode $adhocreport $adhocreport | /usr/bin/mailx -s "$subject" $destination

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should be a parameter to add content in mailx
have you looked at the manpage?

Sorry i have looked and cant find anything which would do this. If i try echoing this stop the mail attachment etc, also i dont want the message inside the subject line.

Im trying to achieve something like this

to: joe.bloggs@hotmail.com
subject: Report of Adhoc


Please find the report above etc blah blah.

Now everything works apart i dont know how to add comments after i have attached the excel file.

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