I'm looking for a simple proxy that would accept a Http 'get' request from my python program and forward it to the web server.....could anyone plz provide me with a sample python script for such a proxy.....

i intend to deploy the proxy on a virtual IP-say on eth0:3.
so i need to be sending a Get requet via the proxy server to the URL( www.example.com)......Plz help,Thanks in advance


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You should be able to do that with any http proxy server...You just need to send the correct request. I know get is to get a certain page on a site, but you could hack to gether a program that simulates entering in a textbox (when you enter a textbox (like the one im doing right now) when you press enter your browser sends a request also sending what you entered) you may have to do some research like what text box to use but you should be able to acomplish this task with only sockets for the raw necessities. GL

oh yeah you will need to learn more about the http protocol. Google it.

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