What i want to do for this is to have my program run in the background simulate pressing a button such as ENTER every 10 seconds or so. I have trauled the net and found solutions for VB and C++ but none for python.

Is this possible in python and if so how would i do it?

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I googled and after some time, I discovered this link: http://www.rutherfurd.net/python/sendkeys/ . If you test it, let us know if it works. I'd like to find an equivalent module on linux.

There is also a perl module named GUITest, which exists with a windows and a linux …

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That first module worked a treat! It is also so simple to use, ill show you a quick demo:

from SendKeys import SendKeys

This still needs some special characters to be put in differently but other then that it is really simple to use, great for running macros.

Thanks Grib :)

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