I need everything about visual basic , i mean code and what is used for?, coz am beginner in that field so if can help plz do ,thanx so much:idea:

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I need everything about visual basic,

Everything? Can you be a little less vague? People that have been writing VB for years don't know everything

i mean code and what is used for?,

Writing programs, solving tasks and problems. Same as any other language.

coz am beginner in that field ...

It shows... Only beginners ask such non-questions as this... ;)

Be specific. What is it you really need to know? Why are you asking about VB? You must kow something about it. Have you tries a book or two?

You should start off reading a tutorial about it.... here is a good site to start at: http://www.vbtutor.net/vbtutor.html

That should help to give you a general idea of what is going on, and help you to be able to at least start getting involved in VB. Once you have a fairly comfortable idea about the language, then start doing projects that you think would be interesting.... something like a rolodex program...

thanx alot man u gimme great help ....but , I wanna something else ,if u could i need the MSDN for visual Basic 6 coz it is missing from my programs ,

Sorry. You can access the MSDN library from microsoft here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/vbrun/, but the actual install CD's (the MSDN Library and Help Files) Come with VB6, and you may need to get them from ebay (since microsoft no longer supports it).

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