I know there exists the sort() function.
What I want to know is how it was built.
Is there a function in python to call the contents of a function
Or can someone show me how that one was made.
I'm doing a test, and it wants me to sort a list (a=[5,2,3,1,4] but not use any sort function(aka build your own)
Edit: when I type sort or help(sort) or sort(), the interpreter can't find the function. Do I need to include it in some way, or download a pack?

There is a code snippet that vegaseat left at:

He talks a little bit about the history of Python's sort() algorithm and calls it an adaptive mergesort algorithm. Very highly optimized, very fast and very stable, it is part of the interpreter core written in C. You would have to get the readily available C source code and look for it.