Dear All,

I'm writing a code which could read the following file:
(input.raw) contained:
11 12 13
21 22 23
31 32 33

While reading this file I want to do the following:
-Move cursor to the beginning of that file which is before "11", then start reading
-After reading 11 the ' ' will read in too, in this step I want to skip reading this line by moving the cursor to the beginning of next line which is before "21", then again skip reading this line when ' ' is found, move cursor to the beginning of next line which is before '31'.

Please help me I'm getting stuck in here.

Thanks in advance.

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Use a stringstream to get stuff out of a string.

#include <fstream>
#include <sstream>
#include <string>

ifstream inf( "fooey.txt" );
string line;
while (getline( inf, line ))
  // if the line is blank, ignore it
  if (line.find_first_not_of( " \t" ) == line.end()) continue;
  // get the first integer off the line
  stringstream linestream( line );
  int n;
  if (!(linestream >> n))
    dosomething( n );

This gets one line at a time from the file, and endeavors to get the first item on the line (if any) as an integer number.

Hope this helps.

[edit] hmm... I'm slow...

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