Hi everyone!Can you please help me with my project.My problem goes like this:
I have to make a bcd coded program in finding the modulo of a number,assemble it in masm and load it into the pic16f84a.I am going to use a dip switch for it's input and 1 7-segment for it's output.I hope you got it guyz...Thanks!

I hope I got it as well, but I'll give it a try:
When dividing a number with DIV then it returns the result in AX and the modulo in DX.

Communicating with a microchip can easily be done via the RS-232 (COM) Port. Have a look in you OS-environment to find the port you want to use. Alternatively you can have a look in the net as mostly the ports have the same address. There is a way, and not even hard, to find the 232-port in assembly but I can find the website in the moment and don't have my source-code on this computer. Sorry.

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