I am a beginner to C++ and DirectX I tried learning on my own a few years ago but had to stop ( personal reasons) Now i would like to start again. I like graphics a lot. i wanted to program a 3d aquarium like Dream aquarium (check it out looks real) no other aquarium
comes close IMO I know this is way over my head as a beginner but if i have a project like a 3d aquarium it would help me learn this difficult language. Any info out there like source codes for a 3d aquarium? Any books that deal with programming something like this?


i doubt that there is any code specific for aquariums, or any books on it. there are undoubtedly books on DirectX, and some on AI which, with fish AI shouldn't be too hard, unless you intend to allow cephalopods (squid and octopuses) , which are a bit more intelligent ( and color changing). to get such realistic images you may need both basic books to get started and more advanced books for realistic rendering

I strongly suggest that you re-read and brush up on C++ syntax before attempting this project.

You may end up getting it to work as you are now, but it will either take an incredibly long time, have a lot of errors and/or cause you nothing but headaches.

Even if you decide to put it off in the middle of completion and decide to thoroughly learn C++ you may find yourself fixing code that is better off replaced with more efficient implementations.

Save yourself the trouble! Re-learn the Syntax and do small projects that have meaning (the ones that teach you about a particular command/modifier, etc) then approach this project.


I intend to re learn C++ syntax and satrt looking at directx again but was hoping for source codes to study. As a beginner it is almost impossible to do. I don't even know where to begin.
making a 3d aquarium. I looked at sourceforge for codes but no luck was hoping someone here could point me in the right direction


i haven't read any of them, but i am sure that books will have sample code, most books that have code the code can be downloaded instead of hand typed
Amazon search for DirectX there are a lot of books

I will look at those books but i doubt they will have anything on 3d aquariums specifically. Is there a way to view snippets of code from existing programs?


you are right, they won't be aquarium specific, but if you learn how to do everything in the books you should be able to write your own code for your specific application.

you would need a decompiler to view existing app's code, but i don't think that that's very ethical

That would get it to assembly code which i would have to translate back to c++ which as a beginner i could not do well. I will keep looking for example codes, maybe i'll get liucky


you almost certainly not find any examples that specific. your best chance is to learn everything that you can about C++ and DirectX so that you can start form scratch.

For the realtime. procedural animation 3d aquarium that i plan to write which is the best compiler i need ( don't know much about them) What about the free compilers like borland are they adequate? I was thinking of visual c++ 6.0
Some speak of service packs (what do i need?) framework that kind of thing. What about dev c++?
I need something that fit my needs and be cheap i am running win xp pro


as for compilers, i don't know. maybe you should post a new topic about that.

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