I am currently reading the SAMS Teach Yourself C++ in 24 Hours 3rd Edition. It was a nice starter for me, but I need to travel deeper into the world of C. I am not sure what book is best to buy. I'm looking for anything that teaches stuff about Windows Applications, Graphics, Sound, and it must be "straight C++ programming." So any suggestions would be great :cheesy:

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Learn C++ before you dive into specific APIs...

"Accellerated C++" by Koenig and Moo is excellent.
"The C++ Programming" Language by Stroustrup is required (or should be) for anyone doing C++.
Myself I'd also heartily recommend "Agile Software Development, principles, patterns, and practices" by Robert Martin. While not directly about C++ (though it used in many examples) it's an excellent treatise about software engineering (how to design a program, how to think about software development).


wow nice examples of books i have read "The C++ Programming" but i might get the
"Agile Software Development, principles, patterns, and practices" Sounds very helpful


Thanks, I'll check to see what other people have said on the book sellers' sites. :)

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