I am developing one application which requires me to compare date.The dataabse being MS access 2003.
When i execute the query in c# it does not show any record ,the date although matches with the date in database.
Where is the problem ?

The quey executed is

select * from finetable where fine_date=#1/9/2008 6:46:36 PM#

The record which matches it being

finetable (table name)
serial_no fine_date reg_no fine_place fine_code
3 1/9/2008 6:44:55 PM 125 india 123A

Why it is not showing ??
Maybe coz the time is diff. But I want to compare dates only.

Please help me !

80 in the topic name is a typo

yes the time is different so it wont match, if you want to match on date alone you would need to do change it so it extracts the date from the fine_date field and the date of the part in question.. I dont have access on here to check but something like date(file_date)=#1/9/2008# would probably work.