Is there a system command that I can use with system("x") to expand the prompt the program is in?

Or any other way of doing it, for that matter, I just need to get it to be the size it would be if I told the computer to maximize it, basically, I'm just going for half the screen.

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This question has been asked and answered millions of times. Click here.

The google search you posted did not have anything related to programming. Do you think I'm an idiot? I googled the question before asking on this forum, and returned nothing, and neither did the search you posted, if it has been asked and answered so many times, why can't you provide the answer quickly, instead of giving me vague information?

The google search you posted did not have anything related to programming.

It actually did answer the question AD thought you asked. Which was more than I could do because to me your question doesn't make sense. What does the system() command have to do with the size of the command prompt?

Do you think I'm an idiot?

Not necessarily. But when 95% of the new posters here are, you unfortunately fell into that category. But then, if you rephrase your question so we understand what you are looking for, all doubts will be removed.

PS: Are you, maybe, talking about the command window -- not the prompt?

Sorry if I was a bit rude, I did mean the window, although in my mind the window is basically a prompt, the reason I was asking about the system command is because I was hoping there was a simple DOS command built-in that would allow me to change the window.

If you are on Windows, then you can use SetConsoleWindowInfo

Could you explain the function a little more, I was mainly confused on the parameters needed.

Okay, I got it now, thanks guys! sw maximize is exactly what I needed.

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