i know this sounds a bit n00b but can anyone tell me how to open a web browser in "c"
because i am doing this project and i have to make a program that opens a web browser..
i need it to open the default internet explorer web browser and the hdd letter must be universal
meaning i cant have it limited to "C:\"

thanks in advance

wait a minute... are you trying to open a *website* or are you trying to open a harddrive through Internet Explorer

if youre talking about a website.... then you'll need to be getting quite familiar with either the winsock.h or sockets.h library, depending on your OS.

if you're talking about opening a file from your hard drive via Internet Explorer, using C... that's a completely backasswards idea. you need to get that out of your head, right now -- for way too many reasons to list here.


no im just looking forward on opening a web browser such as internet explorer on a machine running windows...any code example will do...

I think the libcurl can help you
http://curl.haxx.se/libcurl/ if you want to talk to a website.

If you want to launch a web brower, you can use system() function to call IExplore.exe program.