Hi all, I m making a project on airlines reservation in C#. I have some problem.
The problem is when i accept the values from the user like Origin City,Destination City,Date of travel and class of travel. After filling this information user clicks on the Available Flight button. When clicking on this button application should fetch the values from the database depending upon the source and destination values. (Here is the main problem) If there is more than one flight for a particular route which is very much possible then user has to select the flight on his own. As the number of rows(flights) is not known these should be added at runtime containing a checkbox before every row. I m using Table Layout panel for this purpose. Plus i want to track the values in the row(flight) selected by the user for further processing. Hope u got my problem. Any idea please.

Why not have an optional listbox with a lookup, on the selected criteria, if the results of the query of available flights, show the list box, and make the user select before continuing, otherwise assume the only available flight is the one they wanted.