I need 2 programs in C language

1.Which create a Box and in a square box it takes input from user and print with in the box.I have made a program but when i take input the box corners are breaking from left and right side please help in in that way to provide me that source code.

2.I want a similar kind of program but in that program in need 2 boxes.I need one big box and one small box inside of that box and in the big box i need hearts all round the corners of that first box and in the inner box i need to print some hearts and some other emoticons and in the next line i need to print any world let say hello world. Please let me know about this i need this very urgently.

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If you give us your address as well, we can arrange to send you a complementary bouquet of flowers with it.
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I have made just need the symbols list now which shows heart,flowers oval etc.... like there are some keywords or ascii code which i need.

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