I need to send some data from a database to a Adobe Pagemaker document. Does anyone here know how to make this work ? Does Pagemaker offer objects which can be called from VB to enable automation ?


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hello aparnesh

may i know what's your objective or purpose?

because your question or problem is my current study as of now. my interface is in VB...but the only difference is im experimenting on Adobe Designer (not Pagemaker) which produces or creates a database bound .pdf document. my purpose is that users will only have the .pdf document and have their Acrobat Reader in version 7.


hello vhinehds

my client needs the output from the database to be printed (printed as in a printing press) in a particular format to create something like a directory. The printer (The printing company) will accept softcopies only in the Pagemaker format.

So I need a mechanism to transfer the data from the database to a pagemaker document.

I will be grateful if you can offer any help/suggestions.


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