i need to know how to change values of specific memory addresses in c++. so far i have been using a utility for this job (cheatengine) but thought if i do this in c++ i might actually learn soemthing :-)

say the process name is: "bobdole.exe"
memory address: "04A96990"
memory type: "float"

we know for this value will allways be in the same address every time the program is loaded into memory.

i gave this a try: c++ tut on memory minipulation (site keeps crashing my firefox)
and i cant get the code to comile, gives me 50 erros, maybe becouse it was writen in c++.net? i am using standard c++.

(you are dealing with a c++ newby )
any help will be greatly apreciated.

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How about spending the couple of years learning to use C++ properly, rather than diving in at the deep end?

But then it seems all you want to do is cheat at games, so there's bugger all motivation for us to try and teach you.


I dont understand whats happening, at first my link was working, then it stopped working and yours worked. Now its gone back to mine working and yours isn't ;) Somethings not quite right.

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