Hi, I'm looking for the module that floor() is located in. I would have assumed it would be loaded from the path, but after trying several times, its not.
Also, while I'm at it, is there a way to permanently add things to the path. So I can add my own modules from folders not within the default location.
If its just a question of editing a file in C, then I can probably do it, assuming I can find the sys module.

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I think you need the math module:

For adding things permanently, I'm not sure, but you can use the sys.path.append(FolerPath) at the beginning of your program for having direct recognition of a module in that folder... If you want your modules to be available in other programs, maybe edit the PYTHONPATH envirnment variable in windows ...

Ignore this post ...

Thanks. I'm used to a language that autoloads all math funcs :)

You can also visit this site http://pydoc.org/ and fill the form with


to discover it's in the math module ...

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