I have a problem with strtok(). I have string in this form 2000;ON_0;1000;ON_2; and when I execute this code:

for ((p=strtok(Seq_String,";"));p;(p= strtok(NULL, ";" ),n++)){
	 foundThings[n] = p; 

I get :

It is C code for microcontroller and this is not in interrupt, it is in endless loop.

Pleas help :)


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This works for me

int main()
    char Seg_String[] = "2000;ON_0;1000;ON_2";
    char* ptr = strtok(Seg_String,";");
        ptr = strtok(NULL, ";");


thank you for fst answre :) it works for me too, but I think now that my problem is in string receiving from PC


print out the value of the string before entering that loop so that you can verify it is correct or not.

I did that at the begining and it is the correct string,I will try to make a beckup of the string because I think that my ISR is called during the string parsing and it overwrites my original string.

I receive may strin like this:

char* Seq_String;
Single_Char = Get_Char_pc();

2 lines beafor I try to parse my string I print it and it is ok, but when I try to copy it or do strtok it does it wrong but when I type my string like this:

char Seg_String[] = "2000;ON_0;1000;ON_2";

it works.

That is a huge problem. String_received is already a pointer, and you are passing a pointer to a pointer, which is wrong. Also, if Single_Char is what that name implies (defined as char and not char*) then you can't use strcat() with it because strcat() expects a null-terminated array of characters.

Third: what is Seq_String? you don't need it because after strcat() is done String_received will contain the entire new string. All strcat() does is return either String_received or NULL, depending on error or not.

My Single_Char is defined: char* Single_Char;
Do you know how to assemble my Seq_String from more Single_Char s?

maybe something like this, which will leave String_received untouched. This allocates new memory for Seg_string, so don't forget to free() it sometime later after you are done with it.

char* Seg_string = 0;
char* Single_Char = Get_Char_pc();
Seg_string = malloc(strlen(String_received) + strlen(Single_Char) + 1);
strcpy(Seg_string, String_received);
strcat(Seg_string, Single_Char);

I will try this :)


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