I want to make a real time 3d aquarium. procedural animation. What compiler should i use?
hopefully not to expensive. Dev C++ is free but don't know if i need more than that.
i was thinkin about visual c++ What about service packs that i read about i don't want to purchase a compiler only to find out i am missing something


It depends partially on the graphics interface you intend to use. OpenGL works equally well on a gcc-based compiler as a Microsoft-based one, but if you're planning on using DirectX, the most simple route would be to use Visual C++.

And yes, before you start using your compiler/IDE of choice, make sure you have all the latest updates and service packs installed (for both the compiler and the operating system) to ensure the highest performance and stability possible.

>>I want to make a real time 3d aquarium'
Not possible on MS-Windows because the os is not a real-time os.

When you buy VC++ compiler you get all the present and future service packs that they produce for that compiler.

I would imagine you can write your program with any modern 32-bit compiler. OpenGL might be a good (and free) graphics library and, as far as I know, works with most compilers.

I use Dev-C++, and that works fine with OpenGL, and Irrlicht (irrlicht.sourceforge.net), so I'm betting you could make your aquarium with that.

The New CodeBlocks 8.02 has Good Support to Both DirectX & OpenGL,It has an inbuilt Template to start of your DirectX Projects,

Download it from here...

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