Could someone give me a detailed explanation or give me a resource that explains something like how if I created my own custom 3D model that had 8 vertices would that be the same as saying 8 polygons because I always here talk about things like game developing companies throw down the amount of polygons in all their models to make it easier to run on computers because there is less to compute. Such as wow, even though the game has nice graphics compared to the brand new pc games like assassins creed or age of conan it doesnt keep up mainly because whenever I have analyzed objects like trees and bridges and other things within the game they always seem to have less polygons it would seem because thy can make trees look more blockish but with some nice 2d textures they look good anyways and help save on peoples computers. Do I have the right idea here or am I a little bit off track.

All help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. :)

Vertices are the points or corners of a polygon. So a square is a polygon with 4 vertices, a triangle is a polygon with 3 vertices, etc.

yeah but I thought they were refering to it differently in the gaming industry for some reason lol. thanks