Hi everyone
I've been working on developing a web browser in VB6 similar in capability to IE and I would like to set it as the default browser. I have been unsuccessful in finding any way to A) change the default browser to mine with the program itself [the way IE does if you tell it to check if it is the default] or B) change it manually via the registry or whatever might be the case. Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you for your time!



In VB or VBS, This is real easy to do.

thanks for the reply. If you (or anyone else, I suppose) wouldn't mind answering them, I have a few more questions now that I know that. I see the value on my comp for IE is:


If my browser is "C:\Program Files\BrowserProg\Browser.exe" is this right:

Also, does "-nohome" mean there is no homepage set, and if so, what would it look like set?

Thanks you for your time :D

It depends on the operating system, in regards to your path. If you are using NTFS, chances are that they whole entire Path is acceptable. If you are using FAT or something along those lines, then the chances are good that you'll need to ~ them. I suggest manually trying it in the registry, with one way, and then trying to see if it loads correctly, if not, try the other way.

As For -nohome, there has been a ton of different explanations, but it would be a blank white page. some people claim nohome is just about:blank, otherwise claim it's...... a little something more on the dark side.

I'm not 100% sure that -nohome is going to work with your program, even if you are using VB's web browser control. Because you are not passing paramaters (-nohome) to the object (the browser control), you are passing it to YOUR EXE.

So, You'd have to check something about passing parameters to your program, and then passing those to your control. Basically, something a little more to the point would be:

browser1.navigate "about:blank"

use that in your form load, or, whenver the browser is supposed to show. That will do essentially the same thing.

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