Hi All,

I have a class of type

class Row_Entry
public :
//CString symbol;
CString bid;
CString ask;
CString bid_size;
CString ask_size;
CString bmmid;
CString ammid;
CString type;
CString exch;

I am creating a vectorlike this

Now i have pushed all my required data in the vector.Please tell me how to retrieve the data from the vector RAW_ENTRY where bid is in desending/ascending order?

Please help as its urgent...


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You have to sort the elements based on their value of bid. Use any sorting algorithm you want. Bubble sort is fairly easy to code.

I assume you have a way to compare two bids that is satisfactory to you? I notices bid is type CString. If the CString represents a number, you may want to sort on the number itself rather than on the CString representation. Looking at the ASCII table, it may not matter, but it's something to think about.

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