I'm really enjoying python in my Netbeans IDE. I would like to know extensive difference between these version of Python: Cpython, Jython, Iron python, pypy .....etc (You can add it). What is the main difference? Why all these versions? What are end products of all these versions? (.exe, .jar, etc). Why should I use one of them? Can I have all of them? Why?

You can add as many question as you can as well as answer as much as you can.


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Which version of the Netbeans IDE did you download for Python coding?

Jython allows Python to use the Jave library and feeds into Java byte code.

Iron Python, I think, does a similar thing with C#

There is also python-like Boo that feeds into the .NET C# compiler. See:

Lython has a twist, it allows you to take common Lisp and turn it into Python byte code.

There is a ongoing project to convert Python code to C++ code, so it can be compiled. See:

Which version of the Netbeans IDE did you download for Python coding?

I started with NB 6.1 with nbpython plugin but Now I use NB 6.5 Beta with nbpython milestone 6. It have been blessing to work All my projects Python, PHP and C/C++ on same IDE
Netbeans: www.netbeans.org
Nbpython: www.nbpython.dev.java.net

Another Question: What if I write python Code and want to make it run as java code with Jython?

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